Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting Has Been Changed to 11:00am

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting will now take place in the Fellowship Hall at 11:00am with soup and sandwiches to accompany.

Deacon Selection

Deacon Selection for 2015-2016 is Sunday, August 9, 2015.  Ballots will be distributed during the 8:30 am and the 11 am worship services.  Each voting church member will choose 5 from the nominees.  No absentee ballots.

FBC Prayer Retreat

On Saturday, August 8, FBC will have a church-wide prayer retreat at the St. Francis Prayer Center in Stoneville from 9am to 2pm. Rev. Marin Green will provide leadership.  The cost of the retreat is $25, which includes a lunch at the center. The purpose of this retreat is to honor the Lord, asking for

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Prayer Vigil

Join FBC in a Prayer Vigil led by the Prayer Ministry Team.  Sign-up sheets can be found in Sunday School classrooms. The vigil will be held in the Parlor on June 29.  Prayer guides will be made available.

Eden Community Day of Prayer